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  • OPEN: Once a roll of filament has been used for a print it gets weighed, dried, vacuum sealed with desiccant and  listed for sale at a reduced cost.
  • SHORT: What happens when you spool Carbon Fiber Nylon onto a 1KG spool and it breaks at 360g?   The spool gets added here for you to purchase it at a discount!   These spools contain the same quality filament with the same tolerance all vacuum sealed with desiccant in the retail box.  They just don't fit the retail weights.
  • DISC: Discontinued colors, products or sizes.
  • EXPE: One of a kind or experimental colors or materials.  Once in a while we acquire one of a kind materials or colors when it's allowed we will sell them here for example green to blue color blend ECOMAX® PLA
  • Empty Spool Weights
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