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Solutions of Consequence LLC (SOC3D) is a veteran owned company in Grand Rapids, Michigan. 

We currently work to source our casting materials from West Michigan and work with a fellow veteran to source Michigan made 3D Printer filament. 

SOC3D Offers 3D Prints for everything from toys to satellites in addition to prototyping and design services, Print to cast services for medium volume runs and custom filament extrusion. 

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Filament philosophy

Once we hit a metric ton of printed filament we realized that all filament is not created equal, not even close to equal.   

We have tested over 43 extruders of filament (many brands do not extrude their own material!) from around the globe.  In the process we have had to learn about the plastic resin suppliers, compounders, extruders and resellers of filament.   

The number one question we ask anyone who makes ABS is this: "Would you be willing to run your ABS through a brand new $150,000 Fortus that you paid for?"  If the answer is no, just run away.

Our tests and standards are completely abnormal for any filament manufacturer or reseller and we know this.  We require the same performance at 10mm/s and 250mm/s as well as on a $500 machine and a $150,000 machine.   Most manufacturers do not have any reason to meet this standard.   

At SOC3D we do not publish the results of our internal testing unfortunately doing so could discourage manufacturers from working with us to test new materials.  

We have recently decided to add an outlet store to sell some of the materials we print with and to sell our open rolls of filament.  Open rolls are the same filament you can buy direct or from resellers (amazon) dried and vacuum sealed.  They have just been used on one print or for one day.  

If you would like to have your filament tested please contact us for sample sizes and scheduling engineer meetings.  


We are also Bitcoin enthusiasts, and have a Bitteller Bitcoin ATM Onsite.

In addition to accepting major credit cards, bank payments, and of course USD SOC3D is happy to announce accepting and BTC for all orders!  We have negotiated an exclusive agreement to sell 3DXTech Products at a 5% discount when paying with BTC!  We also now have a BitTeller A4 ATM onsite and are an authorized reseller of the Bitteller line of ATMs! 

BitTeller Bitcoin ATM



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