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i have a model

Have a model that is ready to be printed?

At SOC3D we print several metric tons of thermoplastics each year.  To read more about material options and print options keep reading below.


i have a part

Have a physical item that needs to be duplicated or modified?

SOC3D provides several options for duplicating existing parts including traditional casting/molding, redrawing parts in CAD and scanning your physical object.


I have an Idea

Have an Idea for a product and would like to have the idea turned into a physical prototype?

At SOC3D we have designers for everything from simple boxes to complex automotive parts.  Send us a description of your project and we will match you with one of our designers to make it come to life.


We also offer bulk print time and drop shipping (ABS/ASA/PLA/Ultem) here.

choosing a "resolution"

it's a common myth that "z" or layer height = resolution (It's false)


300-400µm XY by 100-200µm Z

For stunning display prints
when curved top surfaces are modeled.

extra fine

100-200µm XY by 50-120µm Z

For unsurpassed quality in FDM prints


400-500µm XY by 240-300µm Z
Equivalent to T16 by .010"

Strong watertight parts


Depending on the print, price point and specifications we can adjust print resolutions up or down, finer or coarser to meet your budget and timeframe.


500-600µm XY by 300-400µm Z

Stronger parts, faster turnaround time, lower cost.

rapid draft

800-1,200µm XY by 400-800µm Z

For large, Low cost, rapid prototypes

part infill or density options

3D Printed parts have an adjustable amount of "fill" inside the part


To reduce the cost or build time of large prototypes choose a sparse fill amount between 1% & 20%


For general purpose prints an internal density of 20% - 40%


We offer many different levels of fill as well as patterns to meet your application.  Just let us know what you need or ask what level will produce the best parts.


For strong or structural parts higher fill levels of 50% - 100% and stronger patterns are used to give extra part strength and durability.


General purpose plastics for display prints, prototypes, cosplay, small volume runs and more

Order Retail


* Lot testing * customer specified tolerances * High Temperature materials Ultem®, PEEK, PPSF and more * ESD Safe parts

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Customer Reviews

At SOC3D we have hundreds of 5 star reviews Here is what our customers think:

Five plus Star Service!! Very satisfied.. Thank you so much SOC3D for making my first 3D parts order a pleasant one..
This was the first hire I had and the print was an exceptionally complex curved and large part but the end product came out very good using CarbonX material. 
SOC3D went above and beyond to help me get exactly what I wanted, how I wanted. I will DEFINITELY be doing more business with them! Thank you SOC3D!